Corporate Gifts Ideas for 2018 Christmas

Trendy Gifting Options For 2018 Holiday Season

Corporate Gift idea

It’s the month of December, which means you will be looking for corporate gift ideas for Christmas. Should you gift them a watch or a pen holder? Would a calendar appear too traditional or should you settle for the pen instead? While it is natural to get intimidated by the choices before you, here are few ways to add the fun in gifting keeping in mind the spirit of the season.

Add A Dash Of Humour

This is a good time to add some fun element, albeit in a professional way. While you are looking for Christmas gifts for employees, you can gift them a photo frame, name board, luggage tag, or even a diary holder. For instance, if you are gifting a mobile pouch, include a message like, “A safe place to store your mobile during work-hours”.

How about a tissue box as a gifting idea? Paste a note on it saying, “Wipe your Monday morning woes away or drive the traffic blues away”.

This drives across a message that use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited during office hours. Your employees will enjoy the subtle humour and you will not come across as too bossy. Make sure there are no lewd comments or anything that goes against the ethics of your work culture.

Get Them Moving

All work and no play is bound to make you look lethargic. How about a golf pouch for your employees? This way you can gently encourage them to play golf or a game of their choice to ward away stress.  As the boss, you should remember that healthy employees contribute to the company’s growth, unlike others who fall sick often.

A Taste Of Culture

Christmas gifts for clients can include a passport holder, back-pack, dairy holder, or a briefcase. Your clients and business partners will enjoy these memorable gifts that can be carried or used for their next trip.

Corporate Gifts Ideas for 2018 Christmas
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